Who We Are -

PROLIX PRESS is an independent publishing company that has been launched for and by authors with the express purpose of providing a platform  for relatively unknown authors whose work is deemed worthy of publication.               

    With the changes that have taken place in the publishing marketplace over the last decade, it has become obvious that long-held industry business models have become obsolete. The barriers to entry in publication have reached a threshold that has forced mainstream publishers to rely on established authors and celebrities as their bread and butter stable of clients.

    It is PROLIX’S belief that each of its authors brings something to the table that helps create an environment for success. By taking advantage of their collective writing and marketing experience, PROLIX authors will have available an expanding pool of publishing, PR and marketing experience.

    There is no silver bullet for a book’s success--it’s all hard work. But, with the PROLIX PRESS support system, the work is lessened, the journey made more pleasant, and the chances for success enhanced.

    Authors who are frustrated with the publishing process, believe strongly in their work, are unafraid to undergo editorial scrutiny, are considering self-publishing as a last resort, and feel they may contribute in the above categories, are invited to send an inquiry to the below email address.


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